With the emergence of Bitcoin, you are finally going to be able to have full control over all your transactions. Your money is going to be available within seconds with Bitcoin, whether it’s payment or withdrawal, with you having to pay virtually no commission, let alone justify to your bank where the money is coming from. The big advantage of Bitcoin in sportsbooks is that you finally have freedom under your money, without with as much security as possible!

These are the best sportsbooks that accept Bitcoin as payment and withdrawal method:

  • 22Bet: the sportsbook is undoubtedly one of the best betting sites on the market, with bets for all games. With Bitcoin you have the freedom and security to make your transactions.
  • 1xBet: we are talking about one of the biggest bookmakers in the world. Here you can bet on all sports and only use your Bitcoin to do so with security and privacy.

Is it safe to pay and withdraw your bets with Bitcoin?

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This is undoubtedly one of the biggest advantages of choosing Bitcoin as your preferred method at sportsbooks. As your money will never pass through the hands of a human, as it is all done in blocks thanks to blockchain technology, it is impossible for someone to cheat or to steal your money.

Bitcoin: how the payment and withdrawal method works

As mentioned, Bitcoin is undoubtedly the technology that will revolutionise the online payment system and most likely the world economy in the coming years. This is exactly why it is important to take advantage of blockchain technology for our lives, starting with online sports betting.

Contrary to what you might think, making transactions with Bitcon at bookmakers is not complicated at all, and you only need to follow a few important but simple steps to be able to have the financial freedom that only Bitcoin gives you: 

  • A sportsbook that accepts Bitcoin gives you the possibility to create a Bitcoin account in the house itself, to make the whole process easier; 
  • However, if this is not possible then you only have to create a Bitcoin wallet at the most popular exchanges, such as Kraken or Coinbase;
  • The whole process is free and you only need to fill in your personal details; 
  • Once you have a Bitcoin wallet you just have to transform the money you want to deposit in the sportsbook into Bitcoin. The process is often automatic; 
  • Ask for the unique Bitcoin key from the bookmaker and transfer as much Bitcoin as you want;
  • Almost free of charge, and within minutes, you’ll already have the money available in your account to bet. 

Can Bitcoin be used on other online gambling sites?

Many of the leading bookmakers have quickly realized that there is a huge advantage in offering the possibility for their customers to use Bitcoin so that they can make all their transactions with privacy and at practically no cost.

Know the advantages 

To give you a clear idea of the advantages of using Bitcoin in online sportsbooks, we point out the main benefits you will find using your Bitcoin wallet: 

  • You have financial freedom – the biggest advantage of Bitcoin is that you completely own your money and not the banks. At no time will anyone know what you are doing with your Bitcoins, and you don’t need to justify anything to anyone.
  • Partnerships with betting sites – there are more and more bookmakers that value Bitcoin technology and how great this method is for all their customers. All transfers are completed in just a few minutes.
  • Security is total – as in all transfers there is no one who can control or have access to the money, it is impossible for someone to steal your Bitcoin whenever you are making payments or withdrawals at online sportsbooks.
  • The money is all yours – in addition to not having to have the money in your bank, meaning that the money will be all in your power, the commissions you also have to pay never go past a few cents, very different values from what you always have to pay to your bank, especially when you are receiving money from abroad, which ends up happening with the big bookmakers. With Bitcoin, it doesn’t matter if you are receiving from Brazil, China or Europe.