Betting live on the NBA games is something that bettors love to do. In the big sportsbooks that are present in the market, all of them offer the possibility for their customers to place live bets on the NBA, allowing them to find excellent opportunities to profit heavily.

 In addition, it is worth remembering that the basketball predictions that our AI makes, is not yet encompassing live NBA betting. However, this may change in the near future.

This is the best online sportsbook to bet on the NBA

There is absolutely no doubt, and after our many NBA predictions and having compared for years dozens of legal sportsbooks, that 888Sport is the best bookmaker for you to get profitable with your NBA bets.

Short term sports betting on Tennis

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There is no doubt that in our NBA predictions, for example, as they are made in advance, live bets are not included. However, in case the match is within 5 days to a week they can be considered short term bets. These bets have the advantage that you find opportunity to profit that in pre-live betting you could never see.

For this very reason, short term NBA bets are undoubtedly the most popular and most performed in the NBA sports betting market, because bettors always like to bet having as much information as possible going into the game. It is crucial, for example, and this is always present in our NBA prognostics you know if a player is injured or not for the game.

Understand NBA Long Term Betting

Above, we have already given an example of a long-term NBA bet – the favourite team to be champion next season, this is an NBA basketball prognosis that will be present on our website soon. However, there are many other examples of long term NBA bets and they will also be on our site soon in NBA predictions for the 2019/2020 season. Whenever you are betting on the winning team of the NBA regular season, or even of the Eastern or Western Conference, for example, you are placing long-term NBA bets, as these are bets that only have a winner in a few months’ time. However, if you prefer to bet on individual players, as you’ll find in our NBA basketball predictions, you’ll also find long-term markets that allow you to choose who will be the best rookie of the season, the MVP of the regular season or even the best player of the Finals. The possibilities are immense!

Who are the biggest NBA stars of today?

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Before you start betting and following our daily NBA basketball predictions, it is important to know which are the best players and teams you will find in this professional basketball league in the United States, the biggest and best in the world of basketball.

  • Lebron James – Despite being already 34 years old, the truth is that Lebron James, player of the Lakers, is still for most fans and experts, the best player in the world. His goal is to be able to win another championship ring, now for the Lakers, trying to get close to the legendary Michael Jordan, in the race to become the best basketball player in history.
  • Kawhi Leonard – The young Leonard is already one of the best players in the world, practically single-handedly leading the Toronto Raptors to an unprecedented NBA victory this year. Despite being considered a legend already in Canada, Leonard is already known to be looking to win his third ring, on three different teams, on the Clippers.
  • Kevin Durant – For many years now, Kevin Durant has been considered the second best player in the world. However, the talented finisher had a serious injury in this year’s NBA Finals and has a mandatory downtime of at least one year and has signed for the Brooklyn Nets.
  • James Harden – Also James Harden has been at the top of the NBA for many years. However, unlike the names above, he has never managed to win an NBA title. It now remains to try and figure out how his offensive aggressiveness and talent will mesh with the also very aggressive Russell Westbrook. Will the talent of the two make for a title?