First of all, I would like to make it clear that the game Punto Banco is a variant of baccarat; therefore, it is considered the same game. It is normal for card games to have changes in the rules and for versions to be created.

In certain casinos, the name baccarat appears as baccarat, and it is also the same game. After these explanations, we finally get to the point: explanations on how to play baccarat.

The baccarat game is, in a way, similar to Blackjack.

The point is that instead of reaching 21 points to beat the dealer, the player must approach a total of 9 points.

The origin of baccarat is unknown, however there are indications that the practice began in Italy. The term baccarà means “nothing” and makes sense to those who know the rules of the game. In the modern version, the cards 10, J, Q, and K are worth 0.

Historians believe that King Charles VIII was responsible for spreading the game in France. In the United States, baccarat was introduced in the 1950s in Las Vegas.

Today, the game is associated with higher stakes and high turnover.

In this card game, luck is an important factor. However, those who know the rules well have a huge advantage during the games.

Strategies for winning at online baccarat

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There is no set strategy for winning at baccarat, it all depends on luck.

Unlike in poker, where a player’s performance makes all the difference, in baccarat, the randomness of the card distribution is what counts. The only move the player decides is how to bet, at the beginning of the game.

Knowing the rules of the game is interesting to understand why you won or lost a bet.

Is it possible to count cards in baccarat?

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Yes, but the question is: is it worth counting cards? In online mode, very little.

As we have said before, baccarat is a game of chance. The cards in the deck are dealt randomly.

The hands are dealt automatically and are independent of the previous hands. In live casinos, cards that have already been dealt do not return to the deck before the turn is over.

However, since at least 6 decks are used, it is very difficult to count cards in baccarat. If one could memorize or predict the next cards, one would know which bet would be more convenient: banker or player.

We don’t recommend this practice, but if you really want to follow the strategy, you can count cards the same way you count cards in Blackjack.

Each card is assigned a value, and you simply add up the points as they come out.

  • Aces, 2 and 3 are worth +1.
  • 4 is worth +2.
  • 9,10, J, Q and K are worth 0.
  • 5, 7, and 8 are worth -1.
  • 6 is worth -2.

According to those who use counting theory, if the count is less than 16, you should bet on the banker. If equal to 16 or greater, you should bet on the player.


Although baccarat is not the most famous of card games, it has its prestige and is present in a good part of online casinos. Moreover, both a beginner and an expert in the subject have the same chances of winning in the virtual modality.

We recommend that you try your luck and risk your chips on baccarat to have fun and maybe make some good money. The tip is to use the welcome bonus to play free online baccarat without putting your hand in your pocket.